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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Venue: Time Warner Cable Amphitheater (formerly Tower City Amphitheater)
Source: Yours Truly

Set list now / gig report later.

To Defy the Laws of Tradition
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
Pudding Time
Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
Mrs. Blaileen
Jerry Was a Racecar Driver
De Anza Jig >> MR. KRINKLE
Drum Solo / Whamola Jam
Harold of the Rocks >> Jam (Pink Floyd?) >> Harold of the Rocks
Over the Falls
John the Fisherman
Golden Boy

EDIT: If anyone else was at this show and could tell what that jam was in the middle of "Harold of the Rocks", I would appreciate it. It sounded a lot like Pink Floyd to me, but I could be wrong. According to, they have played "In the Flesh" from "The Wall" on this tour, but that didn't sound like what we heard tonight.

EDIT2: I also gather they've covered Floyd's "Have a Cigar", but that has vocals and this was definitely an instrumental jam, so that's probably not it either. The mystery continues...
Overall, a very fun and mindblowing show. It was my first time seeing both Primus and Gogol and neither disappointed.
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