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This will be more of a mini review. First off you left out Room Full of Eyes & Chinese Whispers from DEP set.

Anyways... I only managed to see about 3.5 bands. It was probably the most ungodly hot day I have ever seen a show in my life. Greg from DEP it was probably the hottest show on the tour excluding Phoenix.

Just for a reason to laugh and to show my friend how embarassing they are I saw the last 3 songs from Emmure. I was in disbelief b/c their d bag singer was actually singing over that pop song "Better Off Alone". That was've never actually been embarassed to watch something like that before. It was same old crap w/ them, I will comment no more on them. I got the laugh I wanted and I was happy for that.

I figured I would take the risk and watch Parkway Drive. I've seen some that like them, others that hate them. I actually enjoyed them quite a bit. Not that I would watch them headline a show but still I enjoyed them quite a bit, I would still def see them again. Not reinventing the wheel but enjoyable.

Now time for 1/2 of my reasoning to go. Dillinger time!!! Got to secure right against the gate for them. Crowd was kinda weak actually. Figured there would be more people for them. Dillinger was amazing & intense just like always. It was funny to watch the look on everybody's faces behind me that I have never seen them before. This was my 3rd time seeing them, but haven't got to see them since they were on the Miss Machine touring cycle. The only tragic thing was on "Sunshine The Werewolf" is that tool from Emmure came out and did his part to ruin the song. Other than that they killed like they always do.

Andrew WK was really my other 1/2 of my reason for wanting to go. First thought was good god he has as many people on stage as Slipknot. 3 guitarists? Are they now the Iron Maiden of party music now lol? I didn't enjoy the girl that they have as a singer now. I don't think that she really adds anything new to the songs at all. It seems that AWK is doing maybe a little too much marketing for himself IMO: throwing out his AWK t-shirt, the AWK lighter, the AWK keychain, AWK bumper stickers. It seemed a little too much, taking away from the music a little. Now onto the actual music, it was alot of fun just as it always is. Didn't change a bit from last I saw him in '03. I got some good pics of alot of the other bands when he did "Party Hard" and it was a really cool moment, everyone looked like they were having alot of fun.

It didn't seem like my day could get anybetter so I left. Wanted to see The Casualties & Every Time I Die but between burning the shit out of myself b/c my dumb ass didn't use sunscreen & the fact my thumb is somehow infected I left but I was incredibly satisfied w/ what I saw. I got some good pics, here is the link. Got a few of Ben from DEP on the amps:
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