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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I really respect this and like reviews that are interesting. One of my favorite concert experiences was going to see Metallica, WASP & Armored Saint and sneaking my friends who didn't have fake ID in through the back stage door. It is truly a combination of cunning, tact, luck and perfect timing.
I sneaked in to the second Lollapalooza in 1992, which included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ministry, Ice Cube, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Porno for Pyros, Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine and Ice T & Body Count. The only thing better than seeing a lineup like this is seeing it for free.

Of course, if I'm gonna be honest, there are some caveats that make the above scenario a bit less interesting:

Because of how long it took us to sneak in - including one point where we basically got caught, but convinced the security guy to let us hop back over the fence and go home, which we obviously didn't do - we missed several performances (including Pearl Jam - we heard them, though ).

Some of the above performances clashed, I'm sure, so I'm not claiming I saw every one.

What I did was illegal - which was perfectly fine with the way I was living my life at that time - but I doubt I'd pull something like that today (unless I really got a wild hair up my ass again for some reason ). Plus, I have money today, so why take a chance of getting caught and sent packing?

I was so shit-faced, I basically don't remember exactly who I saw to this day - except for Soundgarden and Chili Peppers. They were awesome (as far as I know ).
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