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Good point about Wynona's Big Brown Beaver. I totally agree about John and Mud as well especially because my name translates into that in another language!

The thing about Claypool is that he does so much solo shit I really treasure seeing Primus. I've seen him solo and you never know what you'll get. Will he even have a guitarist? Will he play Primus songs? And if so will he play stupid cover versions, or stay true to them and kick ass? I've like one solo set I've seen out of three. On the contrary, I've never seen a Primus show I didn't absolutely love. The best one was when they played Sailing the Seas in its entirety at Roseland.

BTW the night after this show at a festival, Primus busted out some Pink Floyd (In The Flesh)! Their setlist was great as well. You can see it at .fm.
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