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Primus -- Brooklyn, NY -- July 30th, 2010


1. Pudding Time
2. Here Come the Bastards
3. Golden Boy
4. Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
5. Over the Falls
6. Sgt. Baker
7. American Life
8. Jerry was a Racecar Driver
9. Over the Electric Grapevine
10. Drum Solo / Whamola jam
11. Eleven
12. Harold of the Rocks
13. Southbound Pachyderm
14. Tommy the Cat > The Awakening > Tommy

Source: Me

So after seeing FNM at Williamsburg, I raved about the venue being the best of all time and had to bring some N00bs to Primus to prove it to them. We get there and Golgol is playing. These guys are from NY and being that they're in Williamsburg, it was maximum hipster capacity. I mean there were even douchebags wearing designer Dr. Dre headphones around their necks. This was frightening to be around but would prove to be very deceiving.

When FNM played, the pit was me and six other people. It wasn't really a pit. I got right up front with no effort, and went apeshit the entire show using people as a launch pad for my jumping at times. I had to interuptions in my going off: I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I was 20 feet from the band. Conversely, the Primus show was the intense and very rough. They also sold about twice as many tix for the Primus show so it was fuckin PACKED. When Golgol finished there was a mass exodus of hipsters and we just walked up front no problem. I thought I was in for another easy show. I must have smoked too much because I've been to Primus shows (all in NYC) and they get fucking crazy!

If you haven't been to a Primus show, here's the drill: lots of jumping and weird dancing. There are times where if you aren't jumping, you will die. It's wild.

So, here are you highlights ladies and gentlemen:

Opening with Pudding Time was bad fucking ass. That just set the place off.
Jay Lane: I've seen this guy before, but it was really special to see the "original" drummer up there, and he absolutely killed it. This guy have looked like Dave Navaro, but he was a beast on the skins.
Sgt. Baker>American Life: It's easy to bitch about setlists when you're not at the show (although I do question the merits of people who want to hear Wynona of all songs) but when you get this combo, it doesn't fucking matter if they play the Space Jam soundtrack after...your night is made.
Tommy The Cat>Awakening: There is no way this can be topped. Period. You've heard Rhinoplasty and thought "wow that would be sweet!" Wrong! It's what sweet wants to be when it grows up.
The Pit: I've been to many many many shows of violent nature, but this was in the top ten roughest, most grueling shows I've ever been to. The thing about NYC mosh pits is that there are people there who may not know the band that well, but just show up to go off. This made RATM pit at Randall's Island in 07 look like tea time with the queen.
Claypool Mentions Posessed: Les did some fake shredding on his bass and then asked Ler if it reminded him of his days in Posessed. I yelled out "Seven Churches" only to be glared at by a bunch of morons. This part made my night because Lalonde never really acknowledges his death metal past.

Overall this show was fantastic. Immediately after I was asked which show was better and I had to pick FNM but that was a totally different kind of show. Primus slays, and that's all there is to it!
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