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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Anybody who is crazy enough to get behind a boat like yours in an inflatable of any kind deserves all the cracked / sore ribs they get.

A boat having twin screws alone is a deal-breaker for me to get out there on a tube, not to mention twin 540's. Quite frankly, I would rather pull people behind my boat and wreck them into the water than be the one getting launched anyway. I dislocated my shoulder a few years ago on a wakeboard, and it's still a bit fucked up to this day. I like my watersports to have some modicum of control on the part of yours truly, thanks. I mean, you can still crash pretty hard on a board or a ski, but your likelihood of crashing is directly proportional to how hard you're pushing yourself and indirectly proportional to your skills (both of which you can control), and generally not subject to the whim of a sadistic driver.
Very true. I do 40-45 when driving with my friends tubing. I told my buddy I wanted to fly and I was literally 20 feet in the air with him going 55 mph. I thought I was going to die. He slowed to 35 and I crashed down then flew off backwards. It would have been the best youtube video ever. Needless to say I know why those things are illegal now.

I've found tubing off a jetski is more fun anyway. Crazier turns and flips. I respect your for boarding and skiing though. Never tried either but looks like a shitton of fun.
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