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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I'm not even slightly surprised. This is exactly why I have made the conscious decision that I do not need to go 90 MPH on the water. I only need to do 35 to slalom ski (maybe 40 if I start trying to learn to barefoot like I keep threatening to do one of these years), and the fish will still be there whenever the fuck I get there...I'm in no hurry.

EDIT: Cannibal Corpse called and said they give up - your fuel bill is more brutal than they are.
hahaha. yeah when i'm crusing 55-60 I get decent mileage. 80-90 I can actually watch the needle go down.

Last year we had one of those flying tubes that are illegal now. How we didn't all wond up in the hospital is beyond me. I had sore ribs for a week.
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