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Originally Posted by Crionics View Post
Hm only a year dif

I could be like "Aw yeah, if you were a guitar, I'd take off your strings and plug my Monster Cable into you."

I reaaaalllllyy wanna use that line someday
hahahah love it. Like I said it's all about fun. I almost dreaded going to that show and wound up having one of the best times I've ever had at a show and now have a great beer hook-up there. This chick even turned me onto Thrice who when she said it was her favorite band I thought they were gonna totally suck. See, ya learn something new ever day...

I was thinking people would agree that Sevendust got shafted not give me shit about a thumb or my age. I can only laugh at the haters I guess.

Like I said 95% of the people on here are really cool...
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