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Baroness -- Chicago, IL -- July 31st, 2010

Got to the show right before Torche came on. Not a huge fan of Torche (although their live show was quite entertaining) nor do I know their songs so I have no setlist for them or the other openers.

Baroness puts on one of the greatest live shows. So much power comes out of that band it just blows me away. They played about an hour. Baizley thanked the crowd after the show and was extremely appreciative of the fans. It's always nice to see that from a band member, in my opinion. Anyways, here's the set mostly from memory:

1. Bullhead's Psalm
2. The Sweetest Curse
3. Jake Leg
4. Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
5. Isak
6. The Birthing
7. A Horse Called Golgotha
8. Ogeechee Hymnal
9. War, Wisdom, and Rhyme
10. The Gnashing
11. Swollen and Halo
12. Grad
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