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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
DeSean Jackson carted off the field after getting hurt during practice today, that does not get my excited.
I love my former Cal guys...

He's been great for you so far, I hope he gets better.

Originally Posted by JLRedWing13 View Post
Jahvid Best signed yesterday, but we need to get Suh in camp soon....
Don't bee too surprised if Best has a better year than Suh. Although I agree with you. If they want to stop being the carpet everyone walks over Suh needs to be there ASAP.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Someone more in the know than me: Are the Chiefs or the Jags gonna do good this season?
Maybe on the Chiefs, no on the Jags they should've gotten Clausen.

All 49ers picks signed and in camp. They need Aubrayo Franklin in there ASAP too. Fucker needs to realize one good year doesn't earn you the right to get a 7 year deal. I'm looking up this year. Eat shit, rest of the NFC West.
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