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I was there too and it brought back many memories of one of my first concerts ever....Primus at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on the Punchbowl tour in '95. I had a blast and no complaints about the setlist other Pork Soda at all? Damn.

I don't think the show was called. All shows at the Waterfront end early. Faith No More also were off around the same time early in July.

Gogol were very interesting. I've never seen them before and I had honestly never heard their stuff. I felt like I was at a Greek wedding! They're what you throw on when your team wins the World Cup. HA!

EDIT: One my favorite parts of the show was during the Drums/Whamola jam. Les came out wearing a monkey mask. As they were jamming away, the Whamola slipped out of his hands and Les ran off stage as a monkey would. Flailing his was hysterical!
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