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Ok. I'm confused. The Faceless and Hiroshima Will Burn (and Red Chord, but I don't know why they're on this list) are more "technical" than what I would consider deathcore. The first two sound enough like BTBAM and Red Chord for me to not hate them (I will have to listen to the other ones. I'm honestly curious now.)

So, my point is, what the fuck is deathcore then? Another band that showed up on the Hiroshima Will Burn video I watched as "The Juliet Massacre" which was all terrible single chord grinding *chug chug chug*, slow China cymbal-snare-China cymbal-snare, piq squeal, breakdown shit. So, are there two camps? The technical stuff in one corner, and then the shitty, unoriginal, non-technical, flat-bill cap, Emmure/Impending Doom crap? Cause I could get into the technical stuff, but I refuse to associate it with the other stuff.
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