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The Guide to Good Deathcore

In the eyes of some of the members here, this may be a controversial topic, but I really hope to shed some light on the bands worth listening to in this genre. I am not a purist by any means and I don't feel deathcore is ruining metal. Sure, there are plenty of crap bands producing crap albums for dumb fans, but that does not effect the true underground metal scene. That being said, the point is this topic is not to be all preachy about why we should accept this genre. You can like it or hate it and I won't have a problem with you. I just want to share some of the top albums for anyone who is open to listen to them, but doesn't want to have to wade through a swamp of shit to find them.

Chances are, you've heard of a number of these bands at some point, but might not have heard their best material. Or, maybe you never gave them a chance due to the bad reputation of the genre. Honestly, I am not a big fan of all of these bands. I do not intend to only share my favorites. I want to give a variety of bands to choose from, since obviously we all have different tastes.

Before I get started I would like to say metalcore is NOT included in this list. Also, you are welcome to suggest albums to be added, but please note that I want this list to only contain one album per a band.

13. Viatrophy - Viatrophy (2009)

This album isn't amazing or anything, but it is intense and have decent riffs. The vocals are typical high/low growls. There are breakdowns, but they aren't overly obnoxious. They aren't very good either, though. Despite the faults this is a very solid deathcore album, blending in hints of melodic death metal along the way. Link to song on YouTube: Treachery.

12. As You Drown - Reflection (2009)

Despite their terrible name, As You Drown is surprisingly decent. They hail from Sweden, and not surprisingly, they take a good amount of influence from their death metal peers. There is a lot of -core influence on this album, but it is not too overpowering, since the band can actually write good riffs. The vocals are mostly death growls, with an occasional higher scream. Overall, this is a good album, even though there are a lot of generic sounding parts. Link to song on YouTube: Ruins and Dead Ends. This is probably the most intense song on the album.

11. Hiroshima Will Burn - To the Weight of all Things (2009)

While Hiroshima Will Burn does include some monotonous breakdowns in their songs, they don't overshadow the real talent of the band. This album is full of technical riffs and quick changes in pace. The drummer does a pretty good job behind his kit, too. While the vocals are nothing special, they work out well. This is a gem in technical deathcore. Link to song on YouTube: Enigmatic Consumption.

10. Burning the Masses - Offspring of Time (2010)

Burning the Masses's (Oh wow, that is a tongue twister, but grammatically correct, I think, since a band in singular.) first EP showed their ability to write technical music and then ruin it with mediocre shit. Their full length album was worse. Then early this year the band announced a new member, Cameron Argon. Many of you may recognize his name (and maybe strongly dislike him), but I believe he is actually a good vocalist. Sure, incredibly low, one-dimensional gutturals can be boring, but he does them better than most brutal death metal vocalists, in my opinion at least. Anyway, this album really shows the band's talent. They've dropped almost all of their -core influences in favor of technical death metal. It is not released yet, but you can check out new songs on their MySpace page, here. And so you know, Cameron left the band shortly after their European tour with Suffocation. He was not intended to be a permanent member.

9. Burning Skies - Greed.Filth.Abuse.Corruption (2008)

This could very well be the most surprising deathcore album I've heard. Burning Skies takes a LOT of influence from grindcore and blends it with some hardcore and death metal sections. The product is different from anything I've come across before. If that makes you curious, listen here: Rounding Up the Cattle.

8. Despised Icon - The Healing Process (2005)

Surely everyone knows this Quebecois deathcore act. Despised Icon went through some lineup changes after their first album. Their female vocalist left the band, so their drummer at the time, Alexandre Erian, stepped up to fill her spot. Now the band was left without a drummer, so they recruited Alex Pelletier. This was likely the best move in their career, as Pelletier is clearly the backbone of the band with his superior drumming. I chose The Healing Process to represent this band since I feel the riffs were more technical and well structured than on the two albums after it. If you haven't listened to this album before, here is one of my favorites from it: Harvesting the Deceased.

7. Through the Eyes of the Dead - Skepsis (2010)

I wouldn't doubt that many of you have heard about this album already, so I won't go into much detail. There are breakdowns on it, but they are interesting ones. The riffs are technical and skilled. The band has gone through several vocalists, and I haven't listened to all their material, so I can't say how good Danny is in comparison to the previous ones. Link to song on YouTube: Perpetual Defilement.

6. All Shall Perish - Awaken the Dreamers (2008)

Here is another album you've probably heard already. This is All Shall Perish's third release and definitely their strongest. They've dropped most of the breakdowns and the vocalist has stopped doing pig squeals. Their second album seems to get a lot of praise, but I honestly believe it's shit compared to this one. Check out the title track here: Awaken the Dreamers.

5. Diluvian - Epidemic (2010)

Sorry this is yet another album that hasn't been released. It is due out at the end of summer, but I would like to include it here because from the two new songs on the band's MySpace I can tell it's going to be great. The songs flow very well and the riffs are great. The only problem I has is the pig squeals. While they are very infrequent, I still don't think they're necessary. I don't think they will put too big of a dent in the final product, though. So, check out the songs here.

4. The Red Shore - Unconsecrated (2008)

This band has been through some terrible times and I'm glad they stuck together and released this album. After the death of their vocalist and merch guy in December 2007 they decided it would be best to continue as a band. Bassist Jamie Hope filled the place of their former vocalist. About a year later their debut album was released. The album showed a dramatic change in style from their EP. Unconsecrated was much more technical, but retained their general sound. This is among the best of technical deathcore albums. I highly recommend checking it out. The drumming is spectacular and the riffs just keep coming. Here is the first song from the CD: The Garden of Impurity.

3. The Faceless - Akeldama (2006)

If you're a new fan of The Faceless you might not know that their debut album was more of technical deathcore than technical death metal. This album is a highlight in the genre as it contains some incredible songwriting. Although some of the riffs sound generic, overall it is done very well. An interesting note about this album is that four different drummers appeared on it. Even with the flaws, this album stands out as a great debut. Link to song on YouTube: Pestilence.

2. Animosity - Animal (2007)

This Bay Area deathcore band is a relentless force that will surely surpass your expectations. Animal was their last album before breaking up, and I believe it was their best. The songs are generally fast paced and contain interesting technical riffs and sometimes a very cool solo. Although it is a shame they broke up, guitarist Chase Fraser went on to start his own band Son of Aurelius and is currently touring with Decrepit Birth as their live guitarist. Navene Koperwies is now the session/live drummer for Animals as Leaders. Anyway, here is a song from the album: Terrorstorm.

1. The Red Chord - Fed Through the Teeth Machine (2009)

The Red Chord is yet another well known band. Their early work includes more grind influences than the two recent albums. These ones focus more on technical death metal. While I enjoy all of their releases, I believe the most recent shows the progression of their style best. Fed Through the Teeth Machine is the band's best produced album and most diverse in sound. There are fast paced songs full of blasting and double bass, then there are slower melodic-like songs. The lyrics are interesting and each song seems to have a message behind it. If you haven't listened to this band you are missing out. Link to song on YouTube: Demoralizer.

I hope some of you found this useful!
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