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Summer Slaughter -- Philadelphia, PA -- July 29th, 2010

I got there super early so I heard some band play no clue who they were they weren't even listed to play.

vital remains was amazing I not really familiar with there music other than a couple songs but they sounded good they played dechristanize and two other songs

animals as leaders:
wave of babies
tempting time
on impulse

carnifex=shitty blah nothingness

decrepit birth was indescribable I cant put into words how good it was mind=blown
of genocide
the living doorway
the resonance
prelude to the apocalypse
the infestation
oh and in the fall decrepit birth is going to tour with suffocation

cephalic carnage they weren't bad I just wish I was more familiar with their work so I would know what its supposed to sound like live they played a new song about masturbating 40-50 times a day called persistent genital arousal

veil of maya only know one song by them namaste and for however many minutes they played it sounded like one neverending breakdown

the red chord was pretty awesome maybe I'm biased cause I think everybody in the band is hot but I digress. The leader singers banter was funny as hell at one point he said I want everybody to make a noise that's not a scream and let me hear you stutter lol
bone needle
floating through the vein
hour of rats
black santa
dreaming in dog years

all shall perish=blah I know they played eradication and wage slaves

the faceless were incredible I had to stop myself from just standing there in awe
shape shifters
coldly calculated design
sons of belial
horizons of chaos I oracle of the onslaught
legions of the serpent
planetary duality I
planetary duality II
an autopsy

decapitated was also really good I know they played day 69 and spheres of madness

merch was priced decently around 20 bucks for a shirt oh and if anybody cares Johnny Davy lead singer of jfac was there why I don't know

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