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Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post
Listen to bands like Brain Drill, Incinerate, Visceral Bleeding, Rings of Saturn, and Viraemia and tell me Decrepit Birth and The Faceless are just wankery. I feel as though Decrepit Birth and The Faceless are a couple of the bands within the genre of tech death that are keeping it from going to utter bullshit.
100% agree. Even though I am not a huge Decrepit Birth fan they are not overly technical. Same with The Faceless they are technical for the sake of being technical. Imo The Faceless is the best tech death band to emerge in long,long time. They are a fucking brillant band.

All the bands you listed above (haven't listened to Viraemia before so they are an exception) are just show-off bands. I also agree with Wine I listened to 2 songs off the new Brian Drill record and I thought my head was going to explode.
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