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Nice fucking setlist... but to throw my hat in the ring, South of Heaven is by far the best thing Slayer ever did. It is the most "thrash" of any of their albums, easily more than Reign in Blood. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Reign is the most overrated thrash album of all time. You can barely even call it a thrash album... other than Angel of Death and Raining Blood, the entire album is the same speed, and a hallmark of good thrash is time and tempo changes -- whether it be song to song or within the same song. Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits are both good albums, better than RiB -- but still kind of primitive in comparison to SoH. I stopped caring when I heard Divine Intervention -- seemed like Reign in Blood 2.0 and didn't hold my interest for long at all... I gave the CD to a buddy 2 weeks after buying it......
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