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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Thanks man. I had a hard time getting into the music after Sevendust so I made the best of it. After seeing Fear Factory and Mayhem in the last week it was hard sitting through some of the music so we all got crazy. Some people just don't get it I guess.

I had a great time and thought people would want to know that it's a cool show to go to for the scenery alone. Some people are just miserable trolls and glass half empty people. Sad...
The only bad I have any interest in seeing is Sevendust. Luckily this tour is not coming here, so the next time Sevendust comes to town will hopefully have a better lineup.

Chevelle isn't bad, but they keep writing the same damn album all the time. Puddle Of Mudd was better off playing the County Fairs and staying dead. 10 years blows, and exactly that. Hopefully that will happen to their career as well. People calling them the new Lynyrd Skynyrd makes me sick.
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