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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
I'm never opposed to skirt chasing at a show, but when you say "I was running mad game on these bitches" and all you have to show for it is a picture of them awkwardly smiling at you (and you aren't even in the damn thing), you do come across as a creep.

Just sayin.'
Actually there's a great story that goes along with the pic and that's the only reason I included it. They basically rescued me from a cougar attack. hahaha Then the girl said the only reason I wanted her number was for a free beer hook up which I found funny. Cool girls.

For Jackie-O not to find Hooker Fishin' or Just the Tip? funny just shows what a weirdo he is. I told the girls in the 1st pic I was hooker fishin' and wanted to use them as bait. They laughed hysterically and wound up buying me a shot. I certainly don't get girls because of my looks but the stupid shit I say seems to work.
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