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Carnival of Madness -- Columbia, MD -- July 28th, 2010

This was the last show in my week of debauchery. Before my rant I just want to say if you're a guy and you miss this tour you are really making a mistake. I've been to hundreds of shows and none had more hot chicks than this one. It was a total assfest.

Now to the blasphemy. 10 Years getting as many songs as Sevendust is sickening. Chevelle getting 12 songs to Sevendust's 7 songs is Goddamn Ridiculous, but Shinedown playing 10 more songs than Sevendust is just flat out disrespectful.

I was glad no one went down to watch Puddle of Mudd after Sevendust either. Everyone just got drinks and hung around up top mingling while POM played. I saw on the video screen the singer was wearing a dress and that just made me that much happier that I skipped them. We went Hooker Fishin' and caught several hotties. Apparently wearing a shirt that says Just the Tip? will get you laid. Who knew? hahaha

Sevendust were the highlight of the day even though I HATE the song Unraveling. That should seriously be a 10 Years song it's so bitchy and whiny. Shinedown were the 2nd best band. They put on a good show and the crowd was totally into them. They get credit for playing obscure tracks like Son of Sam & Junkies for Fame but that Her name is Alice song is horrific. Chevelle were good, kinda like Tool lite but really boring to watch. Everything else was time that would be better spent people watching and checking out girls. All in all I had a blast. I have pictures of girls I forgot I made out with and had 3 girls I met already hit me up on facebook. Not sure I could have been more productive while hearing decent tuneage. I highly recommend seeing this tour for the scenery alone...

10 Years:

Now is the Time
Dead in the Water
Russian Roulette
Actions & Motives
Shoot it Out


Angel's Son
Face to Face

Puddle of Mudd:

Seriously, who cares. Perfect time to go Hooker Fishin'


The Clincher
Well Enough Alone
Send the Pain Below
Sleep Apnea
Comfortable Liar
The Red
Family System
Letters from a Thief
Vitamin R
I Get It


Sound of Madness
I Dare You
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
If You Only Knew
Diamond Eyes
Junkies for Fame
The Crow and the Butterfly
Her Name Is Alice
Save Me
Son of Sam
Left Out
Simple Man
Fly From the Inside
Second Chance
6/2 - Hatebreed & Devildriver
6/11 - Thrill Kill Kult
8/3 - Deftones
8/14 - Bush & Chevelle
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