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Immolation -- New York, NY -- July 28th, 2010

What a show. It's amazing how much more powerful a band can be when there's no security guard between them and you. It's ridiculous how much harder it can hit you when you're practically face to face with the people that you call idols. Immolation are easily one of the fiercest bands to ever hit the death metal scene, much less NYDM, and Arsis are well on their way to being the same (as long as they continue to write albums better than We are the Nightmare, at least).

Forced to Rock
Ten of Swords
We are the Nightmare
Sightless Wisdom
Guilt and Dust
Promise of Never
The Face of my Innocence

The Purge
Unholy Cult
Den of Thieves
Majesty and Decay
Swarm of Terror
Burial Ground
Glorious Epoch
World Agony
Father, You're Not a Father
A Thunderous Consequence
Dawn of Possession
Power and Shame
Harnessing Ruin
Passion Kill

These guys are definitely one of my favorite live bands; I can't wait to see them this September with Vader.
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