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If you had a time machine...

Inspired by Treghet on the other thread.

Originally Posted by treghet View Post
If time machines are invented, I will be first in line to go back to 1990 and see Mayhem with Dead on vocals. There are many other bands I'd love to see in that time frame too, though.
What band in what period of time would you want to see?

I agree with Dead and Mayhem.

I'd also like to have seen:

Strapping Young Lad before they broke up.
Slayer during anytime 83-early 90's, specifically around the Hell Awaits tour.
Ozzy with Black Sabbath, and Randy/Early Zakk years
Celtic Frost
Suffocation in the 90's
Death any time, ever.
Pantera in the 90's
Carcass and At the Gates in the 90's

These are a couple just off the top of my head.
I've lost track of just about everything.
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