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Originally Posted by NecroRob View Post
Listen to bands like Brain Drill, Incinerate, Visceral Bleeding, Rings of Saturn, and Viraemia and tell me Decrepit Birth and The Faceless are just wankery. I feel as though Decrepit Birth and The Faceless are a couple of the bands within the genre of tech death that are keeping it from going to utter bullshit.
Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Yes, I agree. Decrepit Birth and The Faceless do have a good amount of solos and intricate riffs, but it is definitely not just wankery. Those solos and riffs mold together to form a song - unlike the other bands listed above.
Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post

I literally felt ill after listening to Brain Drill's album.
I guess it just comes down to taste.

Case in point: I do like Decrepit Birth somewhat, and was reasonably entertained by their live show. I can't get into The Faceless on album - primarily due to the vocals - and when I saw them live (opening for Meshuggah), I was even less impressed. I was reasonably impressed by Brain Drill's most recent album, but the one before that was a little mechanical, I thought. So in short, my opinions regarding tech death are all over the place. It depends on the band, and even on the particular album or show or point in their career.

EDIT: Necrophagist and Origin have always been awesome, though.
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