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Originally Posted by ijwthstd View Post
01. Raining Blood
02. Angel Of Death
03. Die By The Sword
04. Praise Of Death
05. Criminally Insane
06. Necrophiliac
07. Aggressive Perfector
08. Black Magic
09. Captor Of Sin
10. Reborn
11. The Antichrist
12. Postmorten
13. Epidemic
14. Hell Awaits
15. Altar Of Sacrifice
16. Jesus Saves
17. At Dawn They Sleep
18. Chemical Warfare
19. Evil Has No Boundaries
20. Raining Blood (ending)
I'm listening to the Birmingham April 19 th, 1987 bootleg show of this tour right now and really it's fucking amazing. No Evil Has No Boundaries though but fuck me it's just pure fucking lovable aggressive Slayer !

funny that Tom was introducing Hell Awaits which I didn't think he ever did

long Live Slayer

Cheers !
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