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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Then there was Decrepit Birth. This is going to get me flamed to hell, but honestly I thought Carnifex was better than these guys. It’s not that Decrepit was bad live, it’s just that their live performance didn’t make me forget how much I hate their albums. Decrepit exemplifies everything I hate about brutal death metal and everything I hate about technical death metal.
Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Cephalic Carnage!!! One of the two bands I came to see. They did not disappoint live- in fact, they exceeded my expectations! I love when bands do that. By far the best band of the night. They were so heavy and grind-tastic.
I know I probably shouldn't bother, but how do you justify the existence of these two directly contradictory statements in your post?

Cephalic Carnage is pretty much a brutal death metal / technical death metal band.
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