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To answer a couple of questions before my review

@thedeathmetaler Yes I believe this is the only show were Hatebreed played that long. They played for 40 minutes.

@jhedity I am 100% sure they did not play Destroy Everything. Which was kind of surprising. The only song I was missing was This Is Now I just rememebred they played that. I will edit the set after I finish this review.

Anyways onto the review.....

Got to the Comcast Center a little bit later than I expected but wasn't much of a problem got into the venue pretty quick and didn't miss a band.

In This Moment was up first. I really don't like this band and live they were pretty unimpressive. Maria Brink does have a pretty good singing voice but her screaming is pretty weak. I am not really to into their music. I will say that they did do a pretty cool thing during their last song Maria went out into crow and stood atthe soundboard and had the crowd circle pit around her.

Stemm was the Jager Band at the last Mayhem Fest as well. My thoughts are still the same. They are a pretty decent band they have good energy and they got shit going. Good for them.

Norma Jean was up next so I wondered off to the Rockstar Tent so I got some Rockstar and picked up a 3 Inches Of Blood Shirt while they were on. I did see most of their set despite doing other things and they were pretty shitty.

It was finally time for one of the bands that caused me to come to this year's Mayhem Massachusetts's own Shadows Fall. It was my 1st time seeing Shadows Fall and they put on a good show. The setlist was good and the band played really well. One small complaint is that Brian Fair was a little off on vocals but he is a good frontman who knows how to work a crowd and it is hillarious to watch him circle headbang because of his dreads. I am surprised he hasn't fallen and completely fucked himself up on stage because of them. Anyways Shadows Fall was good and I will most likely see them again.

Went and met 3 Inches Of Blood near the end of Shadows Fall's set. Really cool guys. After getting autographs and talking to them for a few minutes Winds Of Plague was about to start. I know Winds Of Plague is frowned upon by most of the metal community but these guys got their shit together. I personally loved their last record The Great Stone War was the best deathcore record ever. Winds of Plague has greatly matured in the past year. They have greatly stepped up their live show. The last time I saw them they are a bit of a letdown but this time they were great.

Chimaria was fantastic. Great stage presence and their songs just are so much heavier and better live. The main example is song like Secrets Of The Dead which I personally don't like at all on disc was sick live. The Dehumanizing Process was also a nice surprise addition we were the first date to get it.

Atreyu played next. I was meeting Winds Of Plague during their set but the Revolver Booth was pretty close to the Silver Star Stage so I could see and hear them from the line to meet them. I used to love Atreyu when I was in middle school but I soon grew out of them. They wern't too good live. It was kind of fun for nostalgia purposes they played a lot of older material that I knew but still they weren't good at all.

Hatebreed as usual was fucking insane live. Jamey Jasta is a such an insane frontman and puts 110% into their performance. The setlist was fantastic Smash Your Enemies and Hands Of A Dying Man were great additions to the set. Fantastic performance and one of the best bands of the day.

3 Inches Of Blood closed out the side stages and all I can say is holy shit. I had seen them live once before with In Flames last October but they were even better today. Even though the crowd was not that large due to Five Finger Death Punch playing on the main stage the people that where there were going apeshit. Insane performance and I am so happy that Deadly Sinners is back in the setlist.

Lamb Of God was 2 songs into their set when I made to the Main Stage but I wasn't really too sad. Lamb Of God crushed as usual. One of the best live bands in the whole metal genre. That being said even though they were still fantastic they were not as good as the last time I saw them.

Avenged Sevenfold was playing the Massachusetts date only on Mayhem. Once again this band that is frequently talked smacked about and I guess they do deserve some of it(They do have kind of a gay image and stupid stage names). I hadn't seen them in 4 years so I really did not know what to expect from them. Avenged Sevenfold was great. A lot of energy and it was such a pleasure seeing Mike Portnoy behind the kit. He had some crazy fills that are not in the original songs on the older material.

Rob Zombie was one of the greatest performances I had ever witnessed. Absoultely jaw-dropping amazing. Zombie is a born showmen and in a live environment he is pretty much unbeatable. The craziest thing about the set was probably John 5's solo his playing was insane. I don't him Zombie did this on all dates but John 5 smashed his guitar after School's Out and it was awesome. I will make an effort to see him next time he comes to MA he was amazing.

Pretty much ditto for Korn. Insane live really not much else I can say.

Such a fantastic show pretty much every band slayed. It was pretty much a dream come true seeing Korn and Rob Zombie two of the artists that got me into metal at the same time. Can't wait till Mayhem 2011.

In This Moment 3/10
Stemm 6.5/10
Norma Jean 3/10
Shadows Fall 7.5/10
Winds Of Plague 8/10
Chimaria 8.5/10
Atreyu 4/10
Hatebreed 9.5/10
3 Inches Of Blood 9/10
Lamb Of God 9.5/10
Avenged Sevenfold 8/10
Rob Zombie 10/10
Korn 10/10
11/28 ABR/ETID

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