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Originally Posted by causeofdeath View Post
this sounds like the worst concert bill of all time. you would probably need to pay me to see this shit. i mean 5-6 bands in a row that sound exactly the same? why cant the world fucking hear music anymore.
Most metal bands sound the same, if you're not a metalhead.

Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
Only band that I don't like on this tour are Puddle of Mudd. I'm also not too big of a fan of Chevelle, but the I really like the other 3. Too bad this isn't coming anywhere near me.

And yeah, Sevendust should be much higher up on the bill. I can understand Shinedown headlining since they're really big now, but Sevendust should be right before them.
I thought Puddle of Mudd would be the only band I wouldn't like, but when I saw them live, they were actually really good.
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