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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Does anyone know what times Zombie starts & ends? I just got called in to help load out in MA on Tuesday night, and my boss said that if I liked Rob Zombie or Korn I could show up early and watch if I wanted. Zombie was the main reason I would have gone to Mayhem in the first place, so if I could know about what time he's been playing, I'd like to catch him before getting to work.

Silver Star Stage:
1:50-2:20pm - In This Moment
2:40-3:10pm -Norma Jean
3:40-4:10pm - Winds of Plague
4:40-5:10pm - Atreyu
...5:45-6:20pm - 3 Inches of Blood

Jagermeister Stage:
2:20-2:40pm - (intentionally blank guessing battle of the bands winner thing?)
3:10-3:40pm - Shadows Fall
4:10-4:40pm - Chimaira
5:10-5:45pm - Hatebreed

Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage:
5:30-6:05pm - Five Finger Death Punch
6:25-7:05pm - Lamb of God
7:25-8:05 - Avenged Sevenfold
8:30-9:30pm - Rob Zombie
9:55-10:55pm - Korn
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