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Originally Posted by KvltOvPersonality View Post

It was a great setlist, one thing I wish is maybe if they cut out the two songs from Presto to make room for the WHOLE 2112, but, that is wishful thinking.
Where are their two songs from Presto in the set? All I see is the title track. Which was awesome when I saw them in Saratoga Springs the night before. I saw them do 2112 live three times in 1996 and 1997 and after Overture/Temples nobody cared at any of the shows they were playing the rest of it. So it was cool for the dedicated fans but it really killed the rest of the crowd off.

Originally Posted by LIVEtoROCK86 View Post
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC BAND, but I just wish Rush would change up their setlists within a tour. They have such a huge repetoire that they are able to do that and in doing so, make people much more inclined to see them several times during that tour. Phish has that approach and their shows are always bangin'. I think if Rush adopted an apporach akin to Phish, they'd be unstoppable. Imagine getting A Farewell To Kings, The Necromancer, Jacob's Ladder, and Chemisty one night; and then getting The Trees, Bastille Day, Mystic Rhythms, and Cygnus X-1 the next night. I'D DIE.
Obviously, you aren't aware of how Rush operates live. So lets break it down here:

1) Rush has a 35 year career and have recorded a ton of great songs. That's a lot of stuff to remember and you can't expect them to pull off the random songs every night.

2) Rush are PERFECTIONISTS live. They play everything the exact way it is musically on the CD the way we all know and love them. If they switched songs up every night no doubt some screwups will happen and Rush and none of their fans that I know of will accept that in anyway from them.

3) Trying to say that Phish is better than Rush in anything is

4) The Necromancer would be the biggest waste of time live Rush has ever done on any tour. The reason they don't play a lot of the 70s stuff anymore is because Geddy simply would not be able to sing in that high of a voice night after night anymore. The man is 57 now and he's lucky he can go on tour and sing as good as he does still.

5) Rush is always "bangin" and "unstoppable" live and if you think that their fans don't follow them to mutiple shows then you still have a lot to learn about their fanbase.

There, I hope that sets you straight now
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