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Originally Posted by MunicipalWasted View Post
>> implying all 15-year olds arent true slayer fans

Haha, I was gonna say "the fans who have only heard Reign in Blood and the new album," but then I thought, those fans are probably 15 years old.

Not all 15 year old fans are Slayer noobs, but most Slayer noobs are 15 years old is what I'm trying to say.

Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Slayer has got to be the least creative band ever when coming up with setlists.
MetalSucks wrote an article on bands playing albums in their entirety, and the writers who said that it is a dumb idea said "it allows bands to be lazy in creating setlists."

This set is the perfect example- they're playing an album, three staples that are played at every show, and a new song.

I know the album itself contains rare live songs, but would they have played those rare live songs if the whole album wasn't being played? Not a chance.

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