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*Long Post Warning*

Ok so now that this thread is out there I feel I can finally let this story out since there is mention of D12 now. Me & about 8 or 9 people went to Tulsa b/c D12 was there. We went for the comedic aspect and it was only $12, seriously... They played at a small place called The Marquee (since there is maybe 3 people here that have ever been there before). The rational part of my brain tells me "ok fairly big rap group" better get there pretty soon. I was first person from our caravan to actually walking inside. Take 3 steps and am doubled over in laughter. They have "local" rappers on stage at that time. I mean this literally... he looked like he was like 13 and there were 3 people in the place, literally just 3. Eventually I picked myself up off the ground.

Fast forward. The DJ is tryin to get the crowd hyped up, at this point there are literally like 30-35 people. You could have heard a pin drop. When D12 finally came out they came out on stage and the look on their faces was worth the $12 alone. The amount of time they were actually on stage was less than "headlining" sets that were posted from JFAC or Cattle Decapation in terms of minutes. I don't recall them ever doing an actual full song as well. As soon as their last song was over they literally vanished off stage, no words just headed to their van. And then to make things even better one of the girls that went w/ us was very intoxicated and actually ran to the alley to meet them. She starts mouthing a couple of the guys from D12 and we pull her away and look at the D12 guys and we shake our heads like "god we are really sorry she came back here before we caught her" they still had a good sense of humor though. So yes I can say I don't get rap concerts either.

This kinda felt like therapy b/c I've been holding back that story since last September and really couldn't find a way just to throw that in a related topic. Thanks for letting me get that out *here let me hand my metal card in now*
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