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Originally Posted by MunicipalWasted View Post
Ahaaa, watched it last night. Fucking loved it. I hate people who say that.

NOWWWW, Why hasn't the twist been discussed on here?
nice! out of coincidence I saw it for the second time last night as well on netflix. It was awesome to watch because you know what's going to happen and you notice a lot of stuff you didn't notice the first time (sort of like The Sixth Sense). The ending also made a lot more sense.

spoiler: i think at the end he started replaying his made up story that he was still a marshal.the last shot in the movie is a view of the lighthouse, which is where it is quite possible that they may have taken him as a last resort to lobotomize him or do experimental testing to try and "fix" him. also in the last scene Laddeus responds to his psychologist calling him boss, which hints that he is falling back into his insanity.

just my

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