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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I can't believe I was considering leaving before Black Cobra's set. I decided to stay and it was the best decision I've made in quite some time. Matt Pike would be proud: Black Cobra sounded just as heavy and had as many riffs as High On Fire, but they only had a guitarist and a drummer. Couldn't believe how loud two guys could get. They were heavy when the tempo's slowed and made everyone's neck sore when they decided to get fast. This fantastic two-piece didn't let up one bit and it was really one of the better performances of the year so far. After their set, I shook their guitarist's, Jason's, hand and said, "Calling you the heaviest band in the world would be an understatement." And what an understatement it is.
Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Next up was Black Cobra - a sludge / doom duo from Los Angeles. I had heard some of their album stuff before this show, but still I wasn't fully prepared for how much noise these two fools would be making. Holy shit. These two guys rock. They sound like a full band - I shit you not. I have no idea how they do it - especially in a live setting. Whatever they do, it works for me. All I can tell you is that if these guys are on a bill you're thinking about seeing in the future, go.

Their set was:

Black Cobra
Negative Reversal
Below the Cusp
Lightning in His Hand
The Sapphire Falcon
Red Tide
Five Daggers
Storm Shadow
Sounds like you and I had the same impression of Black Cobra. Looks like we saw about the same set, too (more or less). Chronosphere rocks HARD.

Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
I'm less excited for Howl and more excited for Black Cobra after reading this.

Struck By Lightning is still gonna be the best set though.
Don't be less excited about Howl. Just be more excited about Black Cobra.

...and stay excited about SBL (like I needed to tell you that ).
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