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Eminem -- Oxegen, Ireland -- July 12th, 2010

1. Won't Back Down
2. 3 A.M.
3. Square Dance
4. W.T.P.
5. Kill You
6. No Love
7. So Bad
8. Cleanin' Out My Closet
9. The Way I Am
10. When The Music Stops
11. Under The Influence
12. Fight Music
13. Purple Hills
14. My Band
15. Airplanes Part II
16. Stan
17. Sing For The Moment
18. Like Toy Soldiers
19. Forever
20. 'Till I Collapse
21. Cinderella Man
22. Beautiful
23. Love The Way You Lie
24. Crack A Bottle
25. My Name Is
26. The Real Slim Shady
27. Without Me
28. Not Afraid

29. Lose Yourself

Awesome show, he's a great performer, and during the D-12 songs he genuinely looked like he was having fun with the D-12 guys, and of course did a big tribute to Big Proof, R.I.P.

One very touching thing he did, there was a kid who was meant to see the show, but passed away the night before for whatever reason, Eminem dedicated a song to him and got everyone to take their lighters and phones out to make a huge big light show in the kids memory.

Also, I managed to get into this show for free, went up with no money and just my passport keys and phone, and managed to get a free wristband from the help-desk thanks to some creative acting
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