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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
If you hate everyone at concerts and how they dress and act, buy a DVD. I've never heard suck douchebaggery in my life. The fact you never specified flat brim hats, hate crowd surfers, think Affliction is actually Ed Hardy and think more highly of someone rocking a hot topic knock-off shirt makes you King Douche to me. EDUCATE YOURSELF, GROW A PAIR OR STAY HOME.

Thank you... drive thru...
Well said. I'm not a big fan of crowds myself but i've been to enough concerts to know what the expect and how to deal with them. I'm with the guy who doesn't like crowd surfers though. There's too many people who don't do it right and that's what ruins it. Also, it's a LOG show if you don't like people pushing and shoving and whatnot you shouldn't get a spot close to the stage. Just stay near the back and enjoy it. I'm not a mosher/surfer at all and that's what I do when I go to see a band where I know the crowd activity will be very heavy like at a LOG/Hatebreed show.

Both LOG and Hatebreeds sets a good. At least with Descending, BTCS and Vigil they're throwing in a few they haven't done every show for the last year and a half. Does Hatebreed hate their new album? It seems like such a waste that they've only been doing the same two with maybe another one here and there and that's it.
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