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The positive:

1) That is the best LOG setlist I've seen in a loooong time. I really hope I get Vigil, Ruin or Hourglass at Mayhem Friday.
2) Manks and I finally agree on something... anything. I also prefer LOG's faster stuff. When they're thrashing out they're at their best to me. Except Fake Messiah which is one of my favorite slower songs of all time.

The negative:

If you hate everyone at concerts and how they dress and act, buy a DVD. I've never heard suck douchebaggery in my life. The fact you never specified flat brim hats, hate crowd surfers, think Affliction is actually Ed Hardy and think more highly of someone rocking a hot topic knock-off shirt makes you King Douche to me. EDUCATE YOURSELF, GROW A PAIR OR STAY HOME.

Thank you... drive thru...
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