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Cool The Cool Tour -- Atlanta, GA -- July 13th, 2010

War of ages

Through the Flames
Stand your ground
Consumed by fire

Cancer bats

Sabotage (Beastie Boys Cover)
Hail destroyer

The Acacia Strain

See You Next Tuesday
Balboa Towers
Angry Mob Justice


Follow The Water
Aesthetic Perfection
Numbers Count For Nothing
Hollow Crown
Early Grave


To Hell and Back
Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
A Message To The Unknown
God Wears Gucci


(B) The Decade Of Statues
Selkies: The Endless Obsession
Lost Perfection: Coulrophobia
White Walls


Returning Empty Handed
Breathing In A New Mentality
It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door
Anyone Can Dig a Hole but It Takes a Real Man to Call It Home
Emergency Broadcast: The End Is Near
Writing On The Walls
New Song
Everyone Looks So Good From Here
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
In Regards To Myself

As I Lay Dying

94 Hours
An Ocean Between Us
Anodyne Sea
Beyond Our Suffering
The Sound of Truth
Within Destruction
Drum Solo
Nothing Left
Through Struggle

Well i expected this show to be absolute shit (other than AILD) not really a fan of metalcore but went because my buddy had tickets and i love going to shows. The Tabernacle was a good venue because of size and space with a balcony to sit (where i sat).
War of ages was great and was a huge surprise to me and a lot of people around me. Cancer bats were one of the odd bands on the tour and they were lacking until their cover of Sabotage which made me actually pay attention. The Acacia strain was ok but they seemed like dicks. Architects were the one band i had never heard of and for good reason They played bland metalcore their entire set. Blessthefall was the most disappointing to me even though the crowd loved them, third time seeing them and they get worse and worse every time. BTBAM was a nice surprise even though i cant sit down and listen to their stuff on CD. Underoath did a pretty good job since they fired their former drummer who always whined while he sang on stage. They played a new song and they are improving as a band. and then AILD came on. They rocked the fuckin house, huge circles pits, huge wall of death and almost half of their songs were off the new cd (Which is the best so far IMO). I saw them in TN 2 months ago and they disappointed but they totally made up for it this time around. All in all a better show than i expected.

War of Ages 8.5/10
Cancer Bats 4/10
Acacia Strain 5/10
Architects 2/10
Blessthefall 1/10
Between the Buried and Me 8/10
Underoath 7/10
As i Lay Dying 9.5/10
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