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Great fucking show. Some people were saying that they're not going to this show because this year's line-up was nothing compared to last year's. Well they missed out on an amazing show, that's for sure.

I had to miss Cephalic Carnage and Veil of Maya because I was doing interviews at the time, but I made sure to see all other band and loved every single one of them. It was sad that Vital Remains being the senior-most band on the bill were the openers and very few people were inside the venue to see their show.

I interviewed 7 of the 10 bands. I really enjoyed all of them, specially Decapitated, Vital Remains and of course the amazing Decrepit Birth. Not only did I tell Matt Sotelo that I thought Polarity is the album of the year so far, I also kept telling the other bands about it

Vogg offered me to come hang out in the tour bus after the show but I was really fucking tired so I decided to go home instead. Partying with the bands doesn't interest me all that much anyway. I enjoy interviewing them and seeing them perform, that's about it. I'm a fan, and if I start partying with them, I would become a friend sort of, which I'm scared would may be make me lose the respect I have for them.

You can check them out here if interested.

I'll try to do a detailed write-up soon. Pictures will be posted soon as well.
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