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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I almost always wear a bandana these days, but it's purely to help keep the sweat out of my eyes - same reason I wear it when I work out. If I don't wear a bandana, then I'm probably wearing a hat (but not with a flat bill). I've certainly been known to jump up and down, but not continuously like the guys in the House of Pain video for the song "Jump Around" or anything. I rarely take off my shirt anymore, but I've been known to do so when the situation warrants. I have definitely crowdsurfed in the past, but nowadays I would crush people so I don't bother anymore. Back when I did it, the crowd was big enough to justify it, and they were expecting it, so there wasn't an issue. The only thing on the above list I haven't done is E., but that's because I'm usually already up front.

...and yet, having commited all of the above "infractions", I consider myself to be the quintessential non-douchebag concert-goer. I'm helpful, friendly and polite (unless someone gives me a reason not to be). So what have we learned here today? Same thing I always say:


In other words, it's not so much about what you do, it's mostly about the manner in which you do it.
I have no problem with the actual articles of clothing. I have no problem with functional accessories. I have a problem with the vast majority of people who wear those things because they think they make them cool. Its kind of like an Affliction t-shirt, you see those and your brain goes "DOUCHEFAG". As for jumping in place, if you absolutely HAVE to do it, do it somewhere where you aren't going to elbow someone in the jaw. As for the shirt, if you are not outdoors or taking it off to wrap it around a bullet wound, there is no excuse. And crowdsurfers.... those are just something I will have to accept will never go away no matter how much I hate them. I'll just have to look on the bright side. I mean, hey, I get to punch someone who can't do anything about it. I know there are concert goers that aren't douche bags, I'm just exceptionally angry at the inconsiderate Kansas City crowds.
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