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Originally Posted by The Pantangler View Post
A.) Wear a ballcap
B.) Wear a Bandana
C.) Jump up and down in place
D.) Take off your shirt
Originally Posted by The Pantangler View Post
E.) People who when they see a band take the stage, take that as their signal to push everyone in front of them as HARD as they can towards the stage.
F.) Crowdsurfers. If you kick me, I will wail on your kidneys, fucker.
I almost always wear a bandana these days, but it's purely to help keep the sweat out of my eyes - same reason I wear it when I work out. If I don't wear a bandana, then I'm probably wearing a hat (but not with a flat bill). I've certainly been known to jump up and down, but not continuously like the guys in the House of Pain video for the song "Jump Around" or anything. I rarely take off my shirt anymore, but I've been known to do so when the situation warrants. I have definitely crowdsurfed in the past, but nowadays I would crush people so I don't bother anymore. Back when I did it, the crowd was big enough to justify it, and they were expecting it, so there wasn't an issue. The only thing on the above list I haven't done is E., but that's because I'm usually already up front.

...and yet, having commited all of the above "infractions", I consider myself to be the quintessential non-douchebag concert-goer. I'm helpful, friendly and polite (unless someone gives me a reason not to be). So what have we learned here today? Same thing I always say:


In other words, it's not so much about what you do, it's mostly about the manner in which you do it.
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