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The show got over after midnight, and after waiting about 2 hours, Rudy appeared. He went to the bus pretty quickly, but not before signing some autographs. He signed Master of the Moon, and Ozzy Osbourne’s Tribute for me. Jay took a picture of him signing my stuff, but his hair was blowing all over the place and you can’t really see him. Rudy was pretty quiet.

Simon was the next to appear. He signed Master of the Moon and AC/DC’s Blow Up Your Video for me. He was a really nice guy, and he didn’t have a Sharpie, so I handed him my silver one. He was trying to sign Master of the Moon, but he was having some troubles, “You’re pen doesn’t seem to work.” Then he got it to work, “I guess I don’t work...” He was a really nice guy, shook my hand and everything. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with Simon.

Craig and Dio were out next. Craig, and I have to stress this, is a really, really nice guy. I figured he would for sure be in a bad mood after the beer incident, but he wasn’t at all. He’s soft spoken, and very polite. I asked him to sign Master of the Moon, and he did, I thanked him for a great show, and he shook my hand saying that he really appreciated that. I had brought along my pickguard from my SG for him to sign, but I had forgotten about it... so later on I went up to him again, and he signed it, and posed for a picture with me, and shook my hand again. What a great guy. I have a lot of respect for Craig. I always liked his playing, but last night it was flawless, and then he was such a nice guy.

We had to wait quite a while to see Dio, but there was no hurry. Jay and I were pretty close to him for quite some time while we were waiting. Somebody asked Dio where his Website was, and he said “, of course. I’ve never been to my sight, although people have told me it’s been under construction for the last fifty years!” I told him that they just recently put a nice Website up there, and he was happy to hear that.

Dio was 100% class. At 2:30 AM on a cold Detroit morning, he signed my Mob Rules vinyl, Master of the Moon, and Magica for Aerosmitten (which he signed to her.) He asked what my name was so he could put in Master, and I said, "James" (it's true, that's my name!) and he said, "How do you spell that!?" He then posed for a picture with Jay and I. I had actually brought a lot of album covers, but I didn’t want to waste his time with them, so I just had them in a little bag off to the side. He saw them, and asked if I would like all of those signed too. I said I didn’t want to waste his time any longer, and that I was grateful that he was out here at 2:30 signing stuff. He actually seemed kind of annoyed, he insisted that he sign them, saying it might be my last chance, and that’d he stay out there all night signing stuff if need be. His assistance seemed pretty happy I didn’t get all the covers signed though. Dio was such a nice guy, we talked to him for a bit. Jay said he should come back to Toledo, and he said, “Toledo used to be a hard rock town, I don’t know what happen.” He asked if “IOT is still there.” That’s our local classic rock station, and it indeed is still here, and I told him they play his stuff quite a bit, and he said “They always have been good to me.” We promised him we’d revive Toledo’s hard rock

We headed out of there around 2:45, and I pulled in my driveway at 4:45 AM. What an experience. Meeting Dio truly is life changing. He is such a nice guy all the way through, it’s just phenomenal. I can’t sing enough praises. The fact that he played for nearly two hours, and was willing to stand out there past 2:30 AM in the cold (and on and off rain) signing stuff is amazing. Especially when you consider he’s not very young anymore, and that he had a gig that day in Chicago. There was still quite a few people there waiting to meet him when we left at 2:45 AM.

Anyways, the whole thing was a truly amazing experience. Below is some links to pictures from last night, along with some audio. I’ll have more audio soon. The setlist is below too.

Intro-Killing The Drago
One More For The Road
Sign Of The Southern Cross-Stargazer
Stand Up And Shout
Drum Solo
Dont Talk to Strangers
The Eyes
Killing The Dragon
Man On The Silver Mountain
Guitar Solo
Long Live Rock And Roll-Man On The Silver Mountain
Rock And Roll Children
Gates Of Babylon
Holy Diver
Heaven And Hell
Last In Line
Rainbow In The Dark
We Rock

My recording of "Gates of Babylon" from this concert.

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