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Day I:

Hate Eternal:

Hell Envenom
By His Own Decree
Proclamation of the Damned
Two Demons
King of All Kings
Dogma Condemned
Nailed to Obscurity
Path to the Eternal Gods
Tombeau (Le Tombeau de la Fureur et des Flammes)
The Funerary March
Saturated in Dejection
Powers That Be
Behold Judas

Rottrevore: (reunion)

Jesters of Recession
Crude Domination
Unanimous Approval
Incompetent Secondary
Ceased by Failure
Spawn of Ignorance
Actions for Loss
Dismal Fate

Order From Chaos:

Dawn Bringer Invictus
Forsake Me This Mortal Coil
The Edge of Forever
Labyrinthine Whispers
Iconoclasm Conquest
The Angry Red Planet
Stillbirth Machine
Webs of Perdition

Ares Kingdom:

Gathering the Eagles
Descent of Man
Firestorm Redemption
A Dream of Armageddon


In the Name of Gore
Slave to the Casket
The Matter of Splatter
Pus Grinder
Limb From Limb
This Axe Was Made to Grind
Decrepit Crescendo
A Lesson in Pathology
Funeral Fuck
Totally Fucking Dead

Cardiac Arrest:

Insanity's Grip
Mind and Body Deteriorated
Make Them Die Slowly
Forbidden Passage
Twitching at the Noose
Paralyzed with Fear
Embrace the Aftermath
The Atrocity Circle
Unearthly Pleasures
Rage On...Fuck Off!

Tormented (Swe):

Rotten Death
Vengeance From Beyond the Grave
Death Owns the Night
Blood of the Undead
Drowning in Decaying Flesh
Burning Torment
Reversed Funeral

Suicidal Angels:

Eternal Darkness
Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls
The Pestilence of Saints
Beyond the Laws of Church
Armies of Hell
Vomit on the Cross
Slaughtering Christianity


Funeral Bell
All Hail Hell
Unholy and Rotten
Endless Slut
Eyes of Satan
Cross Held High
...On the Wings of Satan
I Am Violator
Strike of Midnight


Invert Christ
Massacre of the Graceful
Evil Dead (Death cover)
The Eternal Mockery
In League With Satan (Venom cover)
Oath of Blasphemy

Day II:


Infernal Flame of Destruction
Evil Blasphemies
Satanic Mass
Storm of the Reaper
Possessed by Evil
Desecration of the Dead
Unholy Death
Infernal Desolation
Sacrifice to the Lord of Darkness
Evil is Eternal
Satanic Sacrifice
The Bestial Avenger
Storm of Satan's Fire
Soldier of Satan

Malevolent Creation:

Impaled Existence
Bone Exposed
Night of the Long Knives
Eve of the Apocalypse
Mass Graves
Ethnic Cleansing
No Salvation
Upon Their Cross
The Will to Kill
Slaughter of Innocence
Dawn of Defeat
Malevolent Creation

Deströyer 666

Weapons of Conquest
Clenched Fist
Damnation's Pride
Human All Too Human
I Am the Wargod (Ode to the Battle Slain)
Lone Wolf Winter
Stand Defiant
Rise of the Predator
Ghost Dance
Phoenix Rising
A Sermon to the Dead
Australian and Anti-Christ
True Sons of Satan


Forgiveness Denied
You Pray to Nothing
Liar in the Name of God
Kill Them All
God of War
Forever Nailed
Satanic Victory
There Will be No Heaven for Me


The Human Machine
Worship the Sun
You'll Be Blamed
Twisted Truth
Funeral Bitch
The Final Skull
Follow Jesus
All We've Become
Taste of Insanity
What Kind of God


Zombie Apocalypse
Brood of Evil
Re-Animated Dead Flesh
The Crazies
Voodoo Curse
Funeral Feast
House by the Cemetery
Hell on Earth
Drilling for Brains
World Domination
Driller Killer
Chainsaw Dismemberment
Lord of the Dead (Mortician Part II)


Excisions of Exorcisms
Venomous Habitations
Supreme Evil
Jaws of Death
Rack of Torment
Hellish World
Chaos in Hell
Fragmented Kreation

Gospel of the Horns:

Intro / Aggression for Blood
Trial by Power
Chaos Bringer
Land of Ancient Forests
The Satanist's Dream
Realm of the Damned
Vengeance is Mine

Merciless Death:

The Abyss / Realm of Terror
Tormented Fate
Command Death
Evil Darkness
Summoning of the Ancient Ones
Tombs of the Dead
The Final Slaughter

Divine Empire:

Vowed Revenge
Season of Extinction
Murder Suicide
Judge, Jury & Executioner
Blood of Nations
Dungeon Mask
Mandatory Punishment


This is Fucking War
I Hate Christians
Hell's Unholy Fire
Fuck the Bastard
Smell the Burning Churches
Killed by the Cross
Inverted Churches
Jesus is Doomed
Burn in Hell
No Place for the Cross

Satan's Host:

Sitra~Ahra (Power 9)
Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)
Hail Satan
666... Mega Therion
Metal From Hell

Day III:


The Reaver
Into Purgatory
Shallow Grave
The God Who Fell From Earth
Midnight at the Graveyard
The Guillotine
Devil Rides Out
Wearer of Wolf's Skin
The One Within
Full Moon
Damned in Hell
Restless & Dead
The Devil and the Damage Done


Intro / The Purge
Stench of High Heaven
Crown the Liar
Majesty and Decay
A Glorious Epoch
No Jesus, No Beast
After My Prayers
Father You're Not a Father
Passion Kill
Sinful Nature
Nailed to Gold
Higher Coward
My Own Enemy

Usurper: (reunion)

Bones of My Enemies
Funeral Waters
Deep in the Forest
Skeletal Season
Return of the Werewolf
Full Metal Maelstrom
Embrace of the Dead
Nulla Sallus Extra Eccelcium
The Struggle of Tyrants
1666 A.D.
I Am Usurper

Vital Remains:

Where is Your God Now / Icons of Evil
Let the Killing Begin / Dechristianize
Forever Underground
Into Cold Darkness
War in Paradise
Savior to None... Failure for All

The Chasm:

Entering a Superior Dimension
In Superior Torment...
Storm of Revelations
The Promised Ravage
Fiery Rebirth
Procreation of the Inner Temple

Kult ov Azazel:

Nocturnal Blasphemy
Forever Heaven Gone
An Eternity With Satan
Oculus Infernum
The Glorification of Evil
Storm the Gates
Mark of the Devil
Trample the Cross
Embrace the Burning
Legions Unleashed


Let the Horror and Chaos Come
Night of the Blasphemy
Fist of the Satanist
Black Metal Baptism
Christ Forever Die
And All Believers Shall be Damned
Cathedral of the Ultimate Void
The Flames of the Blasphemer


The Trident / Jaws of Satan (Spawns of Hell)
Slaves to Anguish
Black Velvet Wings
Luciferian Call
World Destruction

Infinitum Obscure:

Serenade for Destruction
Seeding Darkness
Where Death Winds Blow
Beyond a Dying Sun
A Quest for Vengeance
Scepter of Malevolence


Mantra Reverse
Condemned to Die
Kevorkian Exit
No Holy Ghost Shall Rise
Submit to Evil
Hordes of Flies
Black Chapel
Hell Above


Rites of the Pentagram
Decibel Ritual
The Luciferian Mark
Pissing on Your Grave
A Celebration of Wounds
Ravager (featuring Kam Lee)
In League With Satan / Bloodsoaked


To Meet Again
Lusting the Dead ov Nite
Summoning Self-Destruction
Most Unclean
Tsita Ndäte
Ultimate Covenant
Ya Nötsi de Huitzil
Hunger of the Undead (Dark Angel cover)


Rotting in Filth
Self Mutilation
Existence Denied
Grotesque Memories
My Own God
Blind Date Beating
Killing You
Gates to Hell (Obituary cover)
Ave Azarate! 218
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