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Originally Posted by Rmeiselman View Post
I thought their setlist was awesome. They played a couple songs that I don't think they've ever played live(Presto and Faithless). As well as Time Stand Still, which I don't think has been played on tour since Neil's daughter and wife died. 2112(unfortunately just Overture/Temples of Syrinx)
TSS was last played on the Counterparts tour in 1994 which was before Neil's daughter and wife died. Yes, this is the firs time for Presto and Faithless live. I'm really looking forward to Presto when I see them friday as well as TSS, TCE and Marathon as it will be my first time of the six i've already seen them that i'll hear those.

I heard them do all of 2112 back in 1996. It's very cool for us dedicated fans to hear something like that in full. But most people didn't give a shit about any other part of the song but Overture/Temples. I saw them three times that tour and all the crowds were dead silent for the rest of the song after Overture/Temples was done. I doubt they'll be playing that in full ever again live.

Hemispheres is way better anyways maybe on their farewell tour, hopefully that doesn't happen for awhile, they can close the shows with that as a way to end their career
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