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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Good for you! That set list is exactly the same as the show I saw on April 3 (same songs, same order), except that at the COlumbus show, they added Fireface leading into Hessian, and didn't do an encore, so I didn't get to hear Bastard Samurai, which I've heard is awesome live.

Along the same lines, what you have posted for Priestess is also the same as what they played in Ohio, except that you got to hear Lay Down, and we didn't. The first half of their set for the Columbus show was:

The Gem
Sideways Attack
Two Kids
Communicating Via-Eyes
It Baffles the Mind

I've not seen Skeletonwitch yet. Gotta remedy that situation ASAP. You lucky Canuck bastards.
They're from Ohio, so....
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