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Originally Posted by DigMySpanky View Post
I opened this thread dying to know how the new members of Decapitated stack up...and I get a dick tease instead. Just playin, good review, but how does Krimh do on drums? Is the singer good? I'm lead to believe the singer is ass because they only played one Sauron song but I'll have to wait for a new record to decide that.
I forgot to include that. I was half asleep when I typed everything. The new vocalist was decent. He is not as good as Sauron in my opinion, but he was better than Covan. He had a good stage presence but he could have worked the crowd better. He hardly said anything to the audience for the whole set.

Krimh did a great job behind his kit. He was tight and precise. However, it's hard to truly judge a drummer when they're only playing someone else's part. I haven't heard him aside from in Decapitated, so I don't know how creative he is.

Also something I forgot to mention! When I was talking to Bill (Decrepit Birth) he said they might be doing a tour this fall with Suffocation, Hour of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and another band he couldn't remember. If that happens I will shit myself.
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