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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I wasn't talking about me specifically in any way. When this stuff happens it becomes a number of people vs. a number of other people.

The again, I'm not really expecting you to know exactly what I'm talking about, being that you've only been here less than a year and a half.
When I said "you" it was the proverbial "royal 'you'" that I was using, but you went ahead and assumed it applied to you and you alone, which is precisely what you often do. So even though I meant "you close-minded ass holes who only like metal" when I posted my comment, you took it personally as per usual. Go figure. Because like I said, it's all about you. We're all out to get you, you know. We really are. You should just make good on your repeated threats to leave and just do it one of these times.

...or have I not been here long enough to have read at least two of those?

Puh-lease. That was the weakest argument I've seen from you yet.

That all you got?
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