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I opened this thread dying to know how the new members of Decapitated stack up...and I get a dick tease instead. Just playin, good review, but how does Krimh do on drums? Is the singer good? I'm lead to believe the singer is ass because they only played one Sauron song but I'll have to wait for a new record to decide that.

I'm probably going to skip this show because I've already seen real Vital Remains and Real Decapitated several times. The fact that Fake Vital Remains is opening the show is fucking stupid. If they suck (which I doubt) then they shouldn't be on the tour. Let the flash in the pan fags fill the suck spots. If they kick ass, they should be headlining because Fake Vital Remains trumps Re-Capitated in legacy and track record.

Then you're telling me that Re-Capitated is headlining, playing nothing off Winds, doing typical 40-45 minute set, and I have to sit through X amount of shitty bands to get to them? No thanks.

Now if it was Cephalic>ReCapitated>Vital Remains I'd be there for at least two tour stops. Oh well.
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