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Thanks for posting that, it looks like a great resource.

(will be periodically editing this as I read through)
Iron Maiden Tour-The Ides of March
Killer World Tour-The Ides of March
The Beast on the Road-??
World Piece Tour-Theme from Where Eagles Dare
World Slavery Tour-Churchill's Speech
Somewhere on Tour-Blade Runner Theme
7th Tour of a 7th Tour-??
No Prayer on the Road-633 Squadron Music
Fear of the Dark Tour-??
Real Live Tour-??
The X Factour-??
Virtual XI Tour-Theme from Romeo and Juliet [Dance of the Knights]
Ed Hunter Tour-Churchill's Speech
Brave New World Tour-Arthur's Farewell
Give Me Ed... 'Til I'm Dead Tour-??
Dance of Death World Tour-"Declamation" by Chris Payne
Eddie Rips Up the World Tour-The Ides of March
A Matter of Life and Death Tour-Mars, Bringer of War
Somewhere Back in Time-Transylvania/Churchill's Speech
Final Frontier Tour-Mars, Bringer of War

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