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Iron Maiden in Virginia 7/20

I know there are a few of us who are going to this show. The show in Pittsburgh last week inspired me to make this topic. I got to the venue at 12:30 but was told parking lots didn't open until 5:30. So I came back at 5:10 and there was already a huuuge GA line, turns out somebody told me the wrong info. I still got on the rail because luckily I had won FTTB. I don't want this to happen to any of us at the VA show because who knows how these sheds operate, they never seem to know what's going on. I figured maybe we should exchange numbers so if the venue is being hard to get along with we'll have a way of keeping in touch with each other in case something like lots opening early happens. I would be pissed if we all got their early and then got fucked out of the rail by uninformed venue staff. If y'all want I figure we can either post numbers here or PM the other guys who are going.

I plan on getting there around 10 or 11 hopefully. I'll try and bring a cooler with some water too. Here's a pic so you know what to look for.

In the middle with the goatee.
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