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Soilwork -- New York, NY -- July 16th, 2010

Death Angel
Lord Of Hate
Evil Priest (?)
Buried Alive
3rd Floor
Seemingly Endless Time
Kill As One
River of Rapture (new song)

Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter
Night Comes Clean
As We Speak
The Flameout
Deliverance is Mine
20 More Miles
The Crestfallen
Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning
Let This River Flow
Chainheart Machine
Follow The Hollow
Stabbing The Drama

This show was kind of a disappointment. The Flameout and The Crestfallen were both nice surprises, but I was pretty underwhelmed at the rest of the set. I didn't really mind the 5 songs from The Panic Broadcast, except Let This River Flow which I fucking hate and would have loved to see Song of the Damned in its place. They ignored Steelbath and Portrait completely and only did one each from Chainheart, FNF and Sworn. Also the sound was kinda screwy up until Nerve, with the guitars overpowering everything else. Also it was loud as fuck.

That being said, they were very energetic and like I said there were some nice surprises.

EDIT: Dammit, I just checked the setlist from the show at Jaxx and apparently they had to cut Natural Born Chaos, Neurotica Rampage and Rejection Role. Those probably would have made this show a lot more enjoyable.
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