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Suicide Silence -- Manchester, NH -- July 12th, 2010

So glad this show happened, I didn't want to shell out tons of money for Warped to see just 2 bands, and luckily I got an offdate in my area. This show was at this place called the JFK Coliseum in Manchester, NH which is a high school hockey rink. Not a good venue at at all, plus the security absolutely sucked the whole night.

Anyways, onto the bands. 5 locals started off the show, none of them stood out to me except for one band that I think could have potential, Armor For the Broken. After AFTB the touring bands started.

Of Mice and Men - 1/10. These guys were terrible. All the scene kids were going apeshit to this awful band and I was just on the barrier nearly falling asleep. Also the singer's an absolute cocksucker. During their last song he came up to the barrier to sing and I was getting pushed and I was knocked into him and he looks at me, fake punches me and says "Fucking pussy". I looked at him and said "Fucking asshole" and the bastard decided to elbow me in the face. I was absolutely ripshit at that point, but after the show he actually apologized to me.

Vanna - 6/10. A band that is local but also nationally popular. It was an OK set, I was a little let down from what I expected.

Emmure - 7.5/10. Wow, can't believe I'm actually saying this, but these guys were much better live than I expected. Really intense set, people were really into them and they were very energetic. Good set. I have most of their set here, no specific order and missing a song or two.

Bars In Astoria
R2 Deepthroat
I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper
10 Signs You Should Leave
Sound Wave Superior
False Love In Real Life
When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Whitechapel - 10/10. Fucking awesome. The sound was spot on, the crowd was nuts, and you could tell they were having fun on stage. Only my second time seeing one of my favorite bands, and they delivered perfectly. I couldn't be more happy with their set and I can't wait until they come around on their next tour, which is sometime in the fall. Here's their full set.

Of Legions
The Darkest Day of Man
Vicer Exciser
Eternal Refuge
Breeding Violence
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
This Is Exile

Suicide Silence - Headlined the show, 4th time seeing them and it was fucking incredible. Much more intimate environment than the other 3 times I saw them, and I can't wait to see them again on their tour in October. Not much more to say other than the fact that they blew me the fuck away again. They even played an encore for us. Awesome set. Full set:

Wake Up
Bludgeoned to Death
No Time to Bleed
No Pity For a Coward
Engine No. 9 (Deftones Cover)
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